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Matt Barnes: The NBA Pumps You with Opioids But Doesn’t Allow Marijuana

Matt Barnes opened up to VladTV about being part of a cannabis company called Seven Leaves, and launching a company called “Swish” that focuses on CBD and THC products. Matt explained that he has been a long proponent of cannabis and he is working to change regulations in sports regarding pain management. He talked about …

Jalen Rose talking money, education and why he opened his own school in Detroit with Mav Carter

PART I • Jalen Rose and Mav Carter sit down for a special live edition of Kneading Dough at the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy in Detroit, Michigan to talk finances, motivation, and using basketball as a platform to give back to the community. After growing up with a single mother and just trying to get …

‘Coaches Don’t Give a F–K’: LeBron James Slams AAU Basketball Coaches For Overworking Kid Players

Daryl Nelson | ATLANTA BLACK STAR The term “load management” has been floating around a lot in the NBA the past couple of seasons. And it seemed to start when the Toronto Raptors modified Kawhi Leonard‘s minutes during last year’s regular season, although he wasn’t injured. The move is typically done to reserve the team’s top …



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