WATCH: Snoop makes pitch for Kawhi to come back home to the Lakers

Long-time Lakers fan Snoop Dogg makes pitch for Kawhi Leonard to come back to LA

Ben Weinrib | Yahoo Sports

NBA free agency is all but settled with the last major domino to fall being Kawhi Leonard choosing between the Toronto Raptors, Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers. That’s led to each of those teams — and their fans — going all out to recruit the Finals MVP.

Last Saturday, a Los Angeles-area artist painted a massive mural of Leonard in a Lakers uniform, holding the Larry O’Brien trophy, and now the Lakers have their biggest spokesman yet.

Rapper and long-time Lakers fan Snoop Dogg posted a video to his Instagram account with a song to convince Leonard to return to his hometown.

Snoop’s song was short but sweet and to the point:

“Kawhi, Kawhi, tell me that you’ll be a Laker

Kawhi, Kawhi, come back to LA

They said Kawhi, Kawhi, tell me that you’ll be a Laker

Kawhi, Kawhi, come back to LA

Don’t do Drake that way

Kawhi, Kawhi, you should sign back with the Lakers”

This isn’t he first time Snoop has made a recruiting pitch — even about this free agent class. He went on Jimmy Kimmel Live in June and said that the two players he wanted on the Lakers were Kawhi and Anthony Davis and claimed that he reached out to them to talk about all the business opportunities in LA.

While Snoop Dogg has been very positive this offseason, he’s been vocal about changes needed in the organization. After an embarrassing loss to the Phoenix Suns in March, he called for mass firings and personnel changes while offering up his box seats at Staples Center for $5.

Let’s hope he hung onto those seats for next year, since the Lakers will enter the 2019-20 season as heavy favorites to win the title.