Shadow of the tomb raider 3djuegos

Shadow of the tomb raider 3djuegos

Shadow of the tomb raider meristation

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider: My star game.I’m a fan of Tomb Raider since they started with the Reboot in 2013. The trilogy has fascinated me in each and every aspect, both the 2013, as the Rise Of The Tomb Raider, and above all, and what in my opinion is the star delivery, the Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. It is a piece of delivery, my favorite of all the deliveries I’ve played throughout my life.

The graphics, this installment has very good graphics, it is very much enjoyed visually and it is very nice to see such wonderful locations with such good graphics as it has. Obviously there are more installments of other sagas that have better graphics, and honestly, this installment in this section will not be the best, but it has spectacular graphics, and from my point of view, I have been impressed, with very vivid colors and very good textures. Regarding the sound I have to say that I was also surprised in a spectacular way, thanks to the great sound that has this release, you can enjoy very well, listening to absolutely everything that happens around you, with a fairly clear, defined, strong and realistic sounds.

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Tomb raider ps3 3dgames

The most famous archaeologist of the video game world adds this 2018 the third installment of his saga ‘reboot’ started in 2013 and continued in 2015 with Rise of the Tomb Raider (trilogy of the survivor). It responds to the name of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and represents the final point to the origin story of Lara with a truly remarkable action-adventure game and a Lara Croft more on the edge than ever.

Highly customizableThe Shadow of the Tomb Raider options allow you to adjust things like difficulty separately for parameters such as combat, puzzles and exploration; but also if you want the bad guys to speak in their native language or the one your game platform is configured in, among others.

Resourceful villainsAfter what Trinity did to Lara’s father, Lara swears revenge on the organization in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. But Trinity doesn’t seem to have trouble defending itself: did you know that they have an absurd amount of monetary resources? In the previous game, you can hear the mercenaries talking to each other about how well they are paid, for example.

Shadow of the tomb raider pc 3djuegos

Hay una gran variedad de armas para Lara en Shadow Of The Tomb Raider y cada una viene con sus propios usos y ventajas. Qué armas son las mejores dependerá generalmente del jugador, su estilo de juego preferido y otros gustos subjetivos.

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Dicho esto, hay algunas armas por las que se decantan la mayoría de los jugadores, ya que tienden a ser poderosas para una variedad de estilos de juego. El arma que el jugador utilizará depende del escenario de combate, pero estas parecen ser las mejores opciones para cualquier cosa que el juego pueda lanzarles.

Sorprendentemente, esta arma que Lara consigue en la primera parte del juego es bastante poderosa para el resto de la historia. Tiene unas estadísticas bien equilibradas, un daño decente y, con las mejoras adecuadas, puede ser una fuerza a tener en cuenta.

Parte de su fuerza reside en el supresor incorporado. Con una alta cadencia de fuego y unos disparos casi silenciosos, el jugador puede eliminar rápidamente a un grupo de enemigos antes de que nadie se dé cuenta de lo que ocurre. Es una gran arma de sigilo que puede hacer agujeros en los enemigos cuando el sigilo se va por la ventana.

Shadow of the tomb raider review

When the Tomb Raider reboot was announced in 2013 many arched an eyebrow. This was not the case for me. I do not intend to turn this into an exaltation of my good judgment, because in fact in this I usually count more mistakes than successes, but at that time a more adult treatment of the character and a major change in the formula seemed to me a success. Video games like Tomb Raider Underworld or the spin-off Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light had been important triumphs, but without talking about a saga that was showing signs of exhaustion, I did see that a twist could bring it back to the top. Crystal Dynamics knew how to reinvent itself and managed to turn the tables. The rest is history, and served to start the trilogy of the survivor in a memorable way, and continue it with the also outstanding Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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So Lara Croft faces her definitive adventure, and this time she does it without the support of the studio that brought her back to glory. One more element that makes it exciting to discover this Shadow of the Tomb Raider that is, in short, a brooch for this narrative arc that follows the classic scheme of the three acts… and that concludes now.

Shadow of the tomb raider 3djuegos
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