Red dead redemption 2 analisis

Red dead redemption 2 analisis

Red dead 2 cheats

Yes, Rockstar has once again signed the biggest and most ambitious videogame of the generation, at least to date. And, in the same movement, it opens to the players of mouse and keyboard the doors towards an inexhaustible landscape, with soul and own life and a captivating beauty. Technically flawless, almost palpable to the senses. Unforgettable in the plot.

Yes, its story, or rather the legend that we forged around Arthur Morgan, makes us take off our hats for the way in which we are immersed in the best western of all time; but we can already tell you that the real well of hours, the secret weapon of the Red Dead Redemption 2 experience, is its online experience. One that on this occasion is included at launch.

However, and with the above ahead, it is also legitimate that today we wonder if the sum of all these separate factors manages to crown RDR2 as Rockstar’s masterpiece or relegates it to a no less privileged position of being its greatest project.

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A few days before the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Dan Houser explained in the now indelible and fateful interview of the 100 hours that in the documentation phase he had preferred to study the books of Dickens, Keats or Conan Doyle over any other more contemporary reference because he did not want “to be accused of stealing ideas”. But if anything characterizes the Houser’s work it is undoubtedly the passion for cinema, so it would be naive of them to believe that the historical weight of Sergio Leone in the western has not had an influence on their recreation of the west. Perhaps Red Dead Redemption 2 is more American western than spaghetti western, but it is also true that Leone, from a subgenre that was born almost as a marginal and ridiculous parody, ended up becoming, ironically, the greatest historical repository of the true essence of the western.

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Review of red dead redemption 2

There are games that mark a generation and set the standard for everything that comes after. Rockstar, with the Houser brothers at the helm, are also specialists in creating this type of titles, especially since they decided to take their foot off the accelerator and start working on their works with the calm and serenity necessary to shape great masterpieces. This tranquility was what allowed the conglomerate of studios of the brand to model Red Dead Redemption 2, an ode to a lost era, that of the cowboys of the American West.

If you more than meet the minimum and recommended requirements, then you will be able to raise the values to the maximum and enjoy an expanded visual spectacle, which is evident from the opening scenes of the title. You only need to see the physics and detail of the snow between our feet or our colleagues to know that Rockstar has been really serious about improving what seemed unbeatable. But they have not been satisfied with that, and it is evident the expansion of possibilities at almost every moment: the environmental occlusion completely changes the atmosphere of each situation, there are new more detailed textures for clothing, animal fur or even for the ground and bark of the trees, the lights and (especially) the shadows are much more detailed…

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Dead redemption 2, analysis

RDR 2 is a cowboy or western epic only in its packaging, because as in every Rockstar game, inside it tells us a beautiful and sad story about people who try to change and can’t always. This time the Red Dead Redemption 2 video game stars a bandit, the aforementioned Morgan, who is the right-hand man of Dutch Van der Linde, the leader of the band of robbers of the same name, who make their way through a vast and rugged American territory stealing and struggling to survive.

Red dead redemption 2 analisis
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