Phoenix wright: ace attorney

Phoenix wright: ace attorney


Phoenix Wright studied art and law at Harkley University. One day he saw an article in a newspaper about Miles Edgeworth and suspicions of witness tampering and evidence tampering. His friend had become a prosecutor, unrecognizable to Phoenix Wright. Although Phoenix Wright tried to contact him, he was ignored. He then decided that if he became a lawyer, he might find Miles Edgeworth in court.

After receiving his barrister’s badge, Phoenix Wright became Mia Fey’s apprentice and a member of Fey & Co. Law & Offices. In the first case he successfully defended his childhood friend, Larry Butz. When Mia Fey was murdered, her sister, Maya Fey, was put on trial, and Phoenix Wright eventually faced Miles Edgeworth at trial. Phoenix Wright defeated Miles Edgeworth, this being his first defeat. Phoenix Wright inherited Mia Fey’s firm, renaming it Wright & Co.Law & Offices, and Maya Fey became her assistant. Phoenix Wright faced Miles Edgeworth in another case, in which television star Will Powers was accused of murder.

Phoenix wright: ace attorneycomputer game

“All creatures of nature fight to defend their lives. But what makes us human is that we fight against ourselves. But… for whom should we fight, and how much…? This is how the value of a human life is calibrated. We lawyers are warriors who always ask ourselves that question. Even when the battle is over and the ties that bound us to it have been broken…. The past always comes back…again and again.”

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Phoenix Wright (成歩堂 龍, , Naruhodou Ryuuichi ?) or Nick (only called that by his best friends), the ultimate lawyer. Renowned for unexpectedly turning cases around, getting the accused found not guilty, as well as finding the real killer. Phoenix is the main protagonist of most Ace Attorney games, and has appeared in virtually all of them (except Dai Gyakuten Saiban).

Wright has been in at least 21 cases in his career (not counting those done outside of the saga’s timeline and in which he was not in charge of the defense). During all of his trials he achieved a not guilty verdict, except twice. The first was due to the fact that his client was the mastermind of the crime, unlike the rest, in which his clients were innocent. During the second case, his client disappeared before receiving a verdict. (which caused him to lose his counsel badge).

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Phoenix wright: ace attorney

It often happens that the characters of a videogame end up surpassing the work itself. When Shu Takumi (creator of Ace Attorney) launched his first game back in 2001, he never imagined to what extent Phoenix Wright would become one of Capcom’s most charismatic characters. Especially coming from a saga that had all the cards to fall into oblivion, as is usual in the genre. However, the rookie lawyer managed to make a place for himself in the hearts of Game Boy Advance players.

The key to its success was to present the world of law in a witty and fun way; putting us in the shoes of the most novice defense lawyer of all so that any player could solve a case without eating a lot of head (and without having any basis in terms of jurisprudence). All this while maintaining the conversational videogame style that characterizes Japanese ‘visual novels’, and combining point and click adventure game mechanics with an easy-to-use interface.

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Conviértete en Phoenix Wright y experimenta la emoción de la batalla mientras luchas por salvar a tus inocentes clientes en un tribunal. Juega a los 14 episodios, que abarcan los tres primeros juegos, en una magnífica colección.

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La clásica serie de aventuras judiciales que ha vendido más de 6,7 millones de copias en todo el mundo está por fin aquí. Conviértete en Phoenix Wright y experimenta la emoción de la batalla mientras luchas por salvar a tus clientes inocentes en un tribunal. Juega a los 14 episodios, que abarcan los tres primeros juegos, en una magnífica colección. Resuelve los intrigantes misterios que hay detrás de cada caso y sé testigo de la verdad final.

Phoenix wright: ace attorney
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