Historia the witcher 1

Historia the witcher 1

the witcher

The game is centered around Geralt the witcher, who at the beginning of the game suffers from amnesia. He gradually realizes that he was a renowned witcher and that he had friends and enemies almost everywhere who remember him, though he does not remember them. Through the player’s actions, he will redefine these relationships and choose his path in the political intrigue surrounding him.

The developers have often said that their main goal with the game’s storyline was to give the player choices in a way that was neither clearly good nor bad, and where the player would have to choose between the lesser of evils.

There are three camera styles available in The Witcher. The game can be played from one of two top-down perspectives, in which case the mouse is used to control everything, or it can be played with an over-the-shoulder view, which brings the player closer to the game’s combat, but limits visibility. In all views the keyboard and mouse controls can be changed to be focused primarily on the mouse or a combination of keyboard and mouse.

the witcher 2: assassins of kingsvideojuego

Conviértete en The Witcher, Geralt de Rivia, un legendario cazador de monstruos atrapado en una red de intrigas tejida por fuerzas que se disputan el control del mundo. Toma decisiones difíciles y vive las consecuencias en un juego que te sumergirá en una historia extraordinaria como ninguna otra.

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Acerca de este juego The Witcher es un juego de rol ambientado en un oscuro mundo de fantasía donde reina la ambigüedad moral. Rompiendo la línea entre el bien y el mal, el juego hace hincapié en la historia y el desarrollo de los personajes, a la vez que incorpora un sistema de combate en tiempo real de gran profundidad táctica.

Conviértete en The Witcher, Geralt de Rivia, y déjate atrapar por una red de intriga tejida por fuerzas que compiten por el control del mundo. Toma decisiones difíciles y vive las consecuencias en un juego que te sumergirá en una historia extraordinaria como ninguna otra.

ACERCA DE THE WITCHER: ENHANCED EDITIONThe Witcher: Enhanced Edition recoge toda la aclamada jugabilidad que hizo que el juego original recibiera más de 90 premios de la industria e introduce una serie de mejoras técnicas y de juego.

the witcher: rise of the white wolf

The Witcher takes place in a medieval fantasy world and tells the story of Geralt of Rivia, one of the few remaining witchers (monster hunters for hire, who have supernatural powers).

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Recently, the Polish production company Platige Image has announced that The Witcher will have its own series on the audiovisual content platform Netflix.[12] Not all of the characters from the video games will appear in the series.[13] The Witcher will also have its own series on Netflix.

There are three different camera types in The Witcher. Two top-view perspectives, in which the mouse is used to execute all actions, and a “shoulder” view that allows the player to have a closer view of the combat, but limits visibility. In any of the three views, controls can be configured to rely more on the mouse or a mouse-keyboard combination.

The game tells the story of Geralt of Rivia, who in the introduction of the game was tasked with curing the daughter of King Foltest, who had a curse that transformed her into a ferocious monster, Geralt successfully cures her, giving the player the vision of what would henceforth be the work of a wizard.


The Witcher 3 is just around the corner. Its first part was released exclusively on PC while the second repeated on computers and also came to Xbox 360. That is why, for sure, many will be interested in enjoying this new adventure of Geralt of Rivia who have not been able to enjoy the two previous installments and/or have not read the seven books written by Andrzej Sapkowski, creator of the character and his universe.

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The present article is focused on the necessary to enjoy The Witcher 3 in the best possible condition although, obviously, it will always be more advisable to read the heptalogy and enjoy the two video games released to date since they are not only great works but also, logically, give a new dimension to the fact of enjoying the conclusion of the story of Geralt of Rivia. It should also be noted that CD Projekt Red has commented on numerous occasions its intention to make The Witcher 3 an enjoyable delivery for anyone, introducing a multitude of data and information about what has happened so far.

Historia the witcher 1
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