De que te quiero te quiero youtube

De que te quiero te quiero youtube

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The person responsible for “Eco” reaching Xeinn was the singer and former member of Auryn Carlos Marco, who called the artist once he received the song and RTVE contacted him for the Benidorm Fest. “We’ve known each other for a long time and he was crazy about my potential,” he explains.

Looking ahead to the staging in Benidorm, Xeinn is working with RTVE on a performance in which there will be “some choreography” because the song “asks for it”. Another point that stands out is that they are going to give “a tremendous life to the stage”, in whose screens there will be “animation” and neon lights. “There is a pretty big team behind working and animating the stage, facing the use of screens, to give it play”.

The singer explains that he is also going to the gym to “get the background” for the performance and that he is preparing himself psychologically to “try to relax his nerves”. Part of this work includes “singing in places where he shouldn’t sing”, to “get nervous on purpose” and then control his nerves.

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De que te quiero, te quiero[1] (stylized as De Q Te quiero, Te quiero) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Lucero Suárez for Televisa. It is an adaptation of the Venezuelan telenovela Carita pintada, written by Valentina Párraga.

It stars Livia Brito and Juan Diego Covarrubias playing a double role (protagonist and villain), with the antagonistic participation of Aarón Hernán, Esmeralda Pimentel and Fabiola Guajardo. Also starring Cynthia Klitbo, Marcelo Córdoba, Marisol del Olmo, Carlos Ferro and Gerardo Murguía. Also starring Silvia Mariscal and Hugo Macías Macotela.

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Irene, Vicente’s daughter and Diego and Rodrigo’s aunt, returns to Mexico City. Irene is a depressive woman marked by destiny: when she was very young she became pregnant by Tadeo; when her father found out, he took his daughter away from her, made her believe that she died and sent her to live abroad. Irene takes refuge in alcohol and gives her father a hard time to show him her hatred.

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“Te Quiero” (inglés: “I Want You”) es el sencillo principal del cantante panameño Flex de su álbum de estudio debut Te Quiero: Romantic Style in da World lanzado el 28 de septiembre de 2007. En 2008, la canción sirve como tema principal de la telenovela mexicana Central de Abastos. En 2009 ganó el Premio Billboard de la Música Latina a la Canción Latin Rhythm Airplay del Año[1].

La canción encabezó las listas Billboard Hot Latin Tracks, Latin Tropical Airplay y Latin Rhythm Airplay en Estados Unidos y en México. También se colocó en el número 86 de la lista Billboard Hot 100, convirtiéndose en el sencillo más exitoso de Flex hasta la fecha. “Te Quiero” ocupó el cuarto lugar en la lista de Hot Latin Songs del vigésimo quinto aniversario[3].

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Una versión acústica y en spanglish con la cantante Belinda fueron grabadas para la edición de fans de Te Quiero: Romantic Style in da World, la versión en spanglish fue lanzada como el cuarto y último sencillo del álbum el 13 de mayo de 2009. También se lanzó un vídeo musical con Belinda como parte de la promoción del single. La canción tuvo una buena acogida en las emisoras de radio de México.

De que te quiero te quiero youtube
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