Commandos: behind enemy lines

Commandos: behind enemy lines

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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines es un videojuego de táctica en tiempo real de 1998 desarrollado por la empresa española Pyro Studios y publicado por Eidos Interactive.[1] En el juego, los jugadores toman el control de un grupo de seis comandos aliados, que llevan a cabo una serie de misiones a través de Europa y África en tiempos de guerra, utilizando tácticas de pequeñas unidades. El objetivo de cada misión varía, pero va desde el sabotaje, el asesinato o el rescate de unidades aliadas capturadas, y los jugadores tienen una visión completa del mapa de la misión para planificar su estrategia y su ejecución por adelantado.

El juego resultó ser un éxito comercial, con ventas mundiales superiores al millón de unidades. GameSpot España lo declaró el juego más exitoso de todos los tiempos en 2002. El juego se ramificó en una serie que utilizaba el mismo sistema de mecánica de juego, comenzando con un paquete de expansión titulado Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty en 1999, y más tarde con tres secuelas: Commandos 2: Men of Courage en 2001, Commandos 3: Destination Berlin en 2003 y Commandos: Strike Force en 2006.

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Commandos: behind enemy lines android

The Nazi army has occupied France. Hopes are pinned on the Resistance and the allied help we can offer. A group of paratroopers is about to land, and you must find a strategic position from which to cover the landing zone.

During the German occupation in 1942, in a small rural village in France, the Strike Force Sniper arrives and has the mission to clear the village and get a position to cover the paratroopers. On the river walk, he encounters a total of four enemies, whom he liquidates smoothly and stealthily.

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The player assumes the role of an allied officer, who is tasked with leading a group of commandos in each of the twenty missions that take place in the game. Before starting the mission, a briefing is given, divided into two parts: the first focuses on the background of the mission and where it takes place; and the second, using the mission map, details the objectives the commandos must complete, any important information they need to know and what they must use to escape the area.

The game features six commandos that the player must control, although each mission provides a specific subset of commands that can be used to complete objectives. If any of the commands are killed in action the mission fails.

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Enemies in the game are divided into ranks: soldiers armed with rifles or MP40 submachine guns; sergeants, armed with service pistols, with some fixed machine gun nests manned and therefore do not leave their posts; and officers, who are also armed with pistols. In addition to the foot soldiers, some missions also include enemy tanks and armored vehicles operating in the area. The player can monitor the enemy’s line of sight during a mission and thus use it to plan their movements, although they can only monitor a single enemy’s field of view at any one time.

Commandos behind enemy lines

Born in Sheffield, into one of the best families of the local aristocracy, this laconic, distinguished man with a steady pulse received a Military Medal during the invasion of Narvik, where he eliminated the Commander of the German garrison with a single shot, at a distance of more than a mile, while he was inspecting the positions of his troops.

He claims to be named Sam, and little is known of his origins. In 1937, after a long criminal career in the United States, he crossed the Atlantic and joined the British Army. He was under a prison sentence and the persecution of the American authorities. During “guarded collaboration” sessions with the Foreign Office, in which he helped to test and investigate weapons and vehicles stolen from the enemy, he had the opportunity to meet Paddy Maine, who recruited him for the Commandos.

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In the course of the assault on Tamet airfield with the Long Range Desert Group, and after destroying eight German fighters from the machine gun of his light vehicle, he ran out of ammunition. His personal solution was to crash the vehicle into the remaining fuel-filled aircraft, taking out four more fighters and suffering severe burns.

Commandos: behind enemy lines
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