Flash player activex (windows update)

Flash player activex (windows update)

security update for adobe flash player for windows 10 version 1909 for x64-based systems

Nobody would like to be watching a video on the computer and out of nowhere, the movie or video clip starts to crash, isn’t it true that this situation would be annoying? That is why we should update flash player on our computer.

If we have this operating system we can follow these suggestions. First we go to the control panel, in the upper right part of our screen, we place the big icons, when we do this it will show us more options, among them the one we are interested in, in this case flash player.

When we click on the flash option, it opens a window with the name of adobe flash player administrator, then we look for the button “flash player update”, this is located at the top right in this window.

When we activate the flash player update button, it will give us three options, we verify that the third option “do not check for updates” is checked, in the case that some of the two previous options are active, we press the button “change configuration” and we check the option do not check for updates.

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microsoft adobe update

This update is available through Windows Update. When you enable automatic updates, this update will be downloaded and installed automatically. For more information on how to get security updates automatically, see Windows Update: Q&A Notes.

You can manage the security and software updates that you need to deploy to servers, desktops, and mobile computers in your organization. For more information, go to the TechNet Update Management Center.

Updates often write data to the same registry configuration files and settings that are needed to run applications. This can trigger incompatibilities and increase the time required to deploy security updates. You can simplify checking and validating Windows updates against installed applications by using the Update Compatibility Evaluator components included with the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT).  ACT for Windows 10 is included in the Windows Application Compatibility Toolkit (Windows ADK).

download adobe flash player

In any case, from here on, we will see some alternatives that exist in the market to make up for the absence of Adobe Flash Player in a safer way than the original software, something that should only be used in cases of software whose developer has ceased support, or that in general, does not constitute a perpetuation of the use of obsolete software for critical tasks.

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One of the first alternatives that come to mind, mainly because we have talked about it before, is Ruffle, an alternative that works mainly as an emulator capable of replacing Adobe Flash Player.

On the other hand, if we are users of web pages with Flash content and we know for sure that these will not have Ruffle, we can download the extension from this website, where we will find extensions for Chromium-based browsers, as well as for Firefox and Safari. It should be noted that only the Firefox version is signed, so we will have to follow some extra steps in other browsers, properly explained in the link provided above, so there should be no problems.

update for the removal of adobe flash player

It was at the end of October when we saw how Microsoft was giving the lace to Flash. Through the update with the patch KB4577586 Flash was being removed but only the version included in Windows 10, not affecting the particular installations made by users as well as those that include browsers such as Edge. An update that until then was optional.

Now, well into 2021, Microsoft has begun to distribute this update for Windows 10 in versions 20H2 and 2004 and both highlight a factor: this update removes Adobe Flash Player from computers that are made with them. An update that also happens to be optional to automatic.

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The update with the patch KB4577586 is downloaded and installed in a very short time and to be able to apply it it is necessary to restart the computer. An update that also stands out because it is impossible to revert and cannot be uninstalled, at least in an easy way, so that Flash disappears forever.

Flash player activex (windows update)
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