Ayesha Curry Shuts Down Troll Who Compared Her to a ‘Farm Animal’: I’m the ‘GOAT’

Ayesha Curry and husband Stephen Curry enjoyed a romantic vacation together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Georgia Slater | PEOPLE

Ayesha Curry is clapping back at her haters with her clever wit.

On Monday, the Family Food Fight host shared photos on Instagram from her recent Cabo San Lucas vacation with husband Stephen Curry when an internet troll commented on her appearance, comparing her to a “farm animal.”

In the pictures, Ayesha, 30, and Stephen, 31, are seen cuddling up next to each other while lounging on pool chairs.

Ayesha, who is wearing a blue and white tie-dye bikini, captioned the photos, “all the things” with sun, heart, champagne and wave emojis.

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🌊🌞💙🍾 all the things.

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Responding to the cute selfies, the troll wrote, “Steph married to an actual real life farm animal.”

Ayesha was quick to come up with a clever response, writing “yes a GOAT I know” referring to the acronym meaning the “greatest of all time” as opposed to the animal.

The TV personality’s comment garnered over 1,200 likes and replies of praise for the star standing up for herself.

“The best clap back I’ve ever seen,” one user responded.

“You the real MVP!” another wrote.

During the couple’s getaway, both Ayesha and Stephen couldn’t resist sharing sweet — and sexy — photos of each other on social media.

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Vacation vibes with my one and only 😍 like dat!

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On Sunday, the Golden State Warriors player posted a steamy photo of the pair. In the image, the athlete lifts up Ayesha and holds her with her legs wrapped around his waist. The television host, who was wearing a black and green bikini, gave her husband a playful lick on the forehead.

“Vacation vibes with my one and only 😍 like dat!” Stephen, who has been recovering from a hand injury over the last three months, captioned the snap.

Ayesha jokingly responded, “You coulda at least popped a filter on this. 😩 I love you though.”

The pair, who wed in 2011, celebrated their 8-year anniversary in August. They’ve welcomed three children together: daughters Riley, 6, and Ryan, 4, and son Canon, 1.

Andre Iguodala reveals why he wasn’t ready for his time with Warriors to end and shares his favorite memory with them

Why Andre Iguodala wasn’t ready for his time with Warriors to end

Drew Shiller | NBC SPORTS

In the days and weeks leading up to Kevin Durant officially becoming a free agent last summer, the Warriors were preparing for his departure.

And as Golden State owner Joe Lacob told Greg Papa on Monday night: “We were hoping it was Brooklyn if [Durant] left. And the reason is that we knew that D’Angelo [Russell] was a possibility in a sign-and-trade. That was really our only possibility of getting something back with Kevin Durant leaving.”

Unfortunately for the Warriors, they were forced to trade Andre Iguodala (along with a top-four protected 2024 first-round pick) in order to acquire Russell. They could have passed on D-Lo and kept the 2015 NBA Finals MVP, but that would have limited their flexibility to build out the roster beyond the 2019-20 season.

Iguodala told Ethan Strauss of The Athletic on Monday night that he was not ready for his time in a Dubs uniform to come to an end.

“I feel like we had something to prove again,” he explained. “The way we played that Game 6 [against the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals]. We had the game, like, one or two possessions to push it to a Game 7.

“The way we played that night, Steph [Curry] was due for a big game. I had it going that night. We felt like we were going to run it back. We always felt like we had something to prove. And we felt like people didn’t respect us like they should.”

Iguodala has a point. Many people in the basketball world completely wrote the Warriors off last year when KD went down in Game 5 against the Houston Rockets. The Dubs responded by winning Game 6 on the road (Iguodala recorded 17 points, five steals and three assists) — which is Steve Kerr’s favorite game as the franchise’s coach.

And despite going to the NBA Finals five straight years and capturing three championships along the way, there are those that still question the Dubs’ legitimacy.

Yet with NBA TV ratings down this year and the prevailing narrative that it’s been a “boring” season so far, perhaps the Warriors were a good thing for the league in general.

“I think they’re kind of missing what we brought to the table the last five years,” Iguodala explained. “You know, people don’t know what they’re missing till it’s gone. They don’t appreciate it till it’s gone.

“But we always knew it was something special. As long as we were connected and the core was together we were in prime position to keep making runs at it.”

Andre Iguodala reveals favorite memory from memorable Warriors tenure

Josh Schrock | NBC SPORTS

The Warriors lost their third game in a row Monday, falling 113-101 to the Miami Heat at Chase Center.

But that wasn’t the story.

Andre Iguodala, who was a key cog in the Warriors’ run to five straight NBA Finals, made his return Monday as a member of the Heat. He was celebrated with a tribute video and a short speech from former teammate Klay Thompson.

The 2015 NBA Finals MVP scored two points in the Heat’s win, but they acquired him at the trade deadline from the Memphis Grizzlies for the impact they believe he will have in the postseason.

After the win over his old mates, Iguodala spoke with NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kerith Burke on the surreal feeling of the entire night.

“It’s pretty interesting,” Iguodala said after the win. “We actually ran some plays that I would run — [coach Erik Spoelstra] is pretty good at that. He got me a bucket running one of the plays that we would run normally. It’s interesting, but seeing the young guys, seeing how they are developing — Damion Lee shot the ball great tonight, seeing Jordan Poole progress and develop is good to see.”

During his six seasons with the Warriors, Iguodala was part of a number of great moments, but one sticks out more than the rest.

“I think Steph’s unanimous MVP,” Iguodala told Burke. “That might be it. Steph’s unanimous MVP was probably my favorite moment because people don’t know the hard work he puts in. I think they know but they don’t know. I think he was a little bit overlooked. Players across the league didn’t quite respect him, but when they saw it, it was beautiful seeing like, ‘Oh s–t, this guy is really, really good.’ So that was beautiful seeing him humble the entire world and being a part of that.”

Many thought Iguodala eventually would return to the Warriors, but he signed an extension with the Heat upon the trade. However, he is open to a reunion, either on the court or in a different role at some point in the future.

“Oh, that’s no doubt. That’s a given,” Iguodala said about wanting a relationship with the Warriors in the future. “I still talk to the video guys like every other day. I was talking to them this morning. I was talking to Draymond two days ago. Those relationships never end, so they continue until we’re no longer here.”

Iguodala’s tenacious defense and clutch shooting helped the Warriors win three titles in five seasons. Now, he’ll try to help bring a title back to South Beach.

GOLDEN REUNION? Iguodala on wanting Curry to sit out the rest of the season for “selfish reasons”: He’s going to come back on a wrath next year”

Andre Iguodala says Stephen Curry should sit out whole year, subtly hints at a possible Warriors reunion

Iguodala said he has ‘selfish’ reasons for wanting Curry to rest up

Brad Botkin | CBS SPORTS

The Warriors didn’t want to get rid of Andre Iguodala; they were forced to. When they made the sign-and-trade that sent Kevin Durant — who they were going to lose for nothing — to the Nets in exchange for D’Angelo Russell, the result was a hard cap of $138.9 million, meaning the Warriors could not exceed that total salary at any point during the 2019-20 season. 

Someone had to go. Iguodala, who was traded to Memphis, was the casualty. Only Iguodala didn’t want to play for Memphis, or even live there, and so a handshake deal was struck that he was only on the Grizzlies on paper. He doesn’t practice with them. He obviously doesn’t play with them. 

Memphis wants to trade Iguodala to a contender, but so far nobody has offered anything to their liking. Everyone’s hoping the Grizzlies will end up having to buy Iguodala out, at which point someone else can sign him without having to trade any assets. 

In the meantime, Iguodala is making $17.1 million to chill. Speaking on ESPN’s First Take on Friday, Iguodala said the rest he’s gotten so far this season has been a “blessing in disguise” that he believes has “added years” to his career. 

He’s staying in shape because chances are he’s going to end up playing somewhere this season (the Grizzlies are running out of time to avoid buying him out) are pretty good. He talked about the Lakers and Clippers, long rumored as two of the favorites to land Iguodala should Memphis end up buying him out. 

Iguodala also had something interesting to say about his former Warriors teammate Stephen Curry, who’s been out since the second week of the season with a broken hand but is reportedly targeting an early March return. When asked if Curry should return to play this season, here’s how Iguodala responded

“Selfish reasons, no,” Iguodala said. “I think he needs to get a real break, in terms of being able to relax. I think it’s good for him mentally to be able to step away, be able to get a nice breather. He’s going to come back on wrath next year.”

So, about next year … Is a Warriors-Iguodala reunion a possibility? Yes. We’ve known that for some time. Golden State will not be hard-capped any longer after this season and would be free to re-sign Iguodala if he would agree to a contract that fits inside their exceptions. But two words have to make you wonder if this reunion is actually more likely than just a possibility: Selfish reasons. 

Watch the video. Look at the smirk on Iguodala’s face when he says he has selfish reasons for wanting Steph Curry to sit out the rest of this season and come back fully rested next year.

What possible other selfish reasons would he have for wanting Curry to sit the rest of this season? If he ends up on a contender in a few weeks, it’s not like he’d have to worry about going against Curry in the playoffs. The Warriors have the worst record in the league. So what, then? 

Obviously nothing definitive can be extracted from an off-the-cuff comment on TV, and even if Iguodala is hoping to return to Golden State next season, a lot can happen between now and then. He could end up on a contender this season, play great, maybe win a title, and decide he wants to stay for another year. The Warriors could want to go in a different direction once their offseason takes shape — though it’s hard for me to imagine, given their salary-cap options, that they wouldn’t take Iguodala back in a heartbeat if the money worked for both sides. 

We’ll see how it shakes out. But for now, Iguodala thinks Curry should take a nice long rest this season and come back fresh. For selfish reasons. 

Steph Curry shares his thoughts on Allen Iverson’s ‘top five’ comment

Drew Shiller | NBC SPORTS

At NBA All-Star weekend last year, Allen Iverson told Steph Curry that he’s in his “top five all day long.”

Since then, Iverson repeatedly has said that the Warriors’ superstar would be his point guard if he was assembling an all-time starting five.

“You know what’s funny — I have that saved on my phone,” Curry told Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes on the latest episode of “All the Smoke” on Showtime (the full show will air this Thursday). “It’s crazy. It’s crazy, right?

“I ain’t never had a big head. That dude who I picked up a lot of game and inspiration from — he’s now looking at my game …

“Some OGs, they don’t want to relinquish the praise. Same way we respect the OGs, we want it both ways. So when you do hear that, that means something.”

As Steph said after Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals: “Low-key, I’ve always wanted to be like Allen Iverson.”

It must be killing the three-time NBA champion to be sidelined with the broken left hand, especially on nights like Monday in Portland when he sat on the Warriors’ bench while Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard dropped 61 points in an overtime win over the Dubs.

Now is the perfect time to remind everybody that the two-time NBA MVP averaged 36.5 points, 8.3 rebounds and 7.3 assists against the Blazers in the 2019 Western Conference Finals, all while shooting 47 percent overall and nearly 43 percent from deep.

It’s safe to assume that Iverson doesn’t forget about that, and neither should you.

James Harden: “The world and the game is obviously missing Steph and Klay”

Dalton Johnson | NBC SPORTS

One of the NBA’s biggest rivalries took a wild and unexpected turn on Christmas this year when the Warriors stunned the Houston Rockets with a 116-104 win at Chase Center

As Steph Curry and Klay Thompson continue to rehab their respective injuries, the win was one of the biggest upsets ever on Christmas. A Dubs team led by Curry’s brother-in-law Damion Lee took down James Harden and Russell Westbrook, yet Harden had nothing but good things to say about the Splash Brothers as the Warriors stars watched the game from the bench. 

“The world and the game is missing obviously Steph and Klay,” Harden said to reporters after Houston’s loss.

“Obviously the game is missing them, obviously their fans are missing them. It would have been, obviously, a great, competitive game — they beat us without them, so for us we gotta regroup.” 

Harden scored 24 points — down from his 38.1 average this season — and dished 11 assists. He was a minus-18 on the day, and spoke highly of this scrappy Warriors squad. 

“They play hard. They play extremely hard,” Harden said about the Warriors.

Harden also called Chase Center “beautiful” and said he could feel the excitement. Russell Westbrook, on the other hand, was much less talkative after the game. 

What was expected to be a dud for the Dubs turned into a bit of a Christmas miracle on Wednesday in San Francisco. It was an unexpected chapter in this rivalry, but you never know what could happen when these two teams square off against each other. 

THE RISING: Hoop Origins | Stephen Curry Documentary

The Rising, Stephen Curry and Rakuten’s Documentary on Basketball in Japan, Premieres Worldwide on YouTube


Rakuten, Inc. has joined forces with SC30, Inc. and Limitless Creative Company on The Rising, a short documentary film on the explosive growth of basketball in Japan, capturing the intersection of the international sport with homegrown Japanese culture.

Featuring appearances from several unique Japanese basketball enthusiasts and six-time NBA All-Star and two-time Kia NBA MVP Award winner Stephen Curry, The Rising makes its worldwide premiere today on Curry’s YouTube channel. The Rising can also be viewed worldwide on Rakuten Arena’s YouTube channel, as well as NBA Rakuten in Japan.

The Warriors star discusses his tour of Japan and the new documentary about the trip titled “The Rising.”

The Rising captures the underrated spirit in all of its subjects, following Curry in his journey through Tokyo as he seeks out the next generation of hoops influencers and players who embody the sport’s future in Japan. Along the way, viewers meet a basketball-obsessed artist, a street baller, the owner of a basketball store, and two young athletes with dreams of playing college basketball in the United States.

The documentary centers on the June 2019 Tokyo stop of the Underrated Tour, powered by Rakuten, where local youth athletes had the chance to meet and receive guidance from the Golden State Warrior star. Curry created the Underrated Tour, a series of youth basketball camps, to empower and mobilize basketball’s next generation of underrated athletes.

“The idea behind the Underrated Tour is simple: create a basketball camp for high school players who are looking for the chance to show scouts that their perceived weaknesses might actually be secret strengths — a camp for kids who love to hoop but the traditional camps are telling them they’re not enough,” said Curry earlier this year. Adding, “That was my story… I was repeatedly labeled ‘undersized,’ and ‘not a finisher,’ all these limitations spoken over me before I even came into my own. Underrated is going to change that and we are excited to bring the tour to Japan where we aim to usher in a new era of Japanese basketball.”

“We are pleased to partner with Stephen Curry and Limitless to shine a light on the growing popularity of basketball culture in Japan,” said Kristen Gambetta, Senior Director, Sports & Entertainment at Rakuten Americas. “In the past few years, basketball has grown from a niche community to become one of Japan’s most popular sports. Rakuten is proud to be one of the driving forces behind its popularization in Japan, through our partnership with the Underrated Tour, our global marketing and exclusive media distribution partnership with the National Basketball Association for all live games in Japan, and our presentation of Japan’s first NBA games since 2003, which brought the Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets to Saitama for two pre-season matchups this October.”


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