Surface pro 5 xataka

Surface pro 5 xataka

Surface pro (2017), review. review in english

Microsoft has presented in one fell swoop several devices. A Surface Pro 8, Surface Go 3, Surface Duo 2, Surface Laptop Studio new … models that come to replace more or less promptly to their predecessors in the market and of which we will now know all its features.

The new Surface Pro 8 comes with the Surface Pen 2. It is another of the novelties, as the Pen is able to recreate the vibrations we feel when writing with a real pen. It does it with magnetic impulses

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The key to Microsoft’s new cell phone is still its screen, a dual panel with AMOLED technology that maintains independent operation in order to expand the possibilities of use. In addition, Microsoft has incorporated curved edges on the inside: in this way can be appreciated from notifications to other notices on the edge and when the device is folded.

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The panel of the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 consists of two 5.8-inch displays with a resolution of 1,344 x 1,892 pixels that can be moved through 360°. Having separate panels means the phone doesn’t suffer from ridges or creases in the center, increasing its durability. And Microsoft includes a custom interface that takes advantage of the separate displays.

The photographic capabilities of the new Microsoft Surface Duo 2 take a noticeable leap by including quad rear cameras: 12-megapixel main sensor with wide-angle lens, a 16-megapixel wide-angle secondary camera, 12-megapixel telephoto with 2x optical zoom and a fourth ToF camera. Both the main and telephoto sensors include optical image stabilization on the lenses. Up front, the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is equipped with a 12-megapixel camera.

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That was one of the most important shortcomings of a terminal presented in 2019 and that barely had an 11 Mpixel camera. This was also located on the inside of the device, so to take pictures it was necessary to open the phone and fold the screen, which largely invalidated its use for these purposes.

Now, the new Surface Duo 2 has a camera system mounted on the back as the phones to use that also, as we say, has been completely renovated. Thanks to this, now this mobile terminal that is clearly focused on productivity offers new possibilities. In fact, the options offered by the dual screen, as well as the possibility of running two programs at the same time, open up many options in the field of image and sound.

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For example, as you have seen in the video above, the dual screen allows the Surface Duo 2 to become a very interesting pocket device for photo editing “on the go”. Or simply that, when taking pictures and/or videos, we can have the viewfinder on one of the screens and the settings controls on the other.

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This convertible arrived with a 10th generation Intel Core microprocessor, Iris Plus graphics, and also WiFi 6 and USB-C connectivity. But during our tests it has given us an unexpected surprise.

The Surface Book was the convertible laptop that many seemed to be waiting for: the yang to that ying that had been the different versions of its Surface Pro. The device presented remarkable options even if it later disappointed in the…

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Microsoft had not unveiled the price of all the models of its new and promising Surface Book, and in fact it remained to be seen how much we would be charged for that model that Panos Panay told us about during the presentation of this product and…

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Surface pro 5 xataka
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