What is a short story

What is a short story

What is a short story

What is a story?

It can be based on real or fictitious facts and, although it is a rule that is generally respected, these stories do not necessarily have to contain an introduction, knot and denouement.

Realistic stories are those that narrate everyday events or situations. They allow us to recognize them easily because they are plausible, probable and related to the reality we live in.

Before starting to write, we must be clear about why we want to or should decide to write a short story. Normally novels are preferred to any other literary genre. What is not taken into account is the time and effort involved in starting to write a novel, especially if we are talking about people who are just starting to write.

Therefore, to acquire fluency, it is recommended to start with short stories that allow you, in an easy and simple way, to plan the story you want to tell, how to divide the different actions that will take place or how to eliminate the parts that will be less important to the reader.

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Short stories for children

Short stories should tell a simple idea. An action, a memory, something that happened at the supermarket, etc. No complex plots, no convoluted stories, so we must look for inspiration in something that does not require excessive development.

If we don’t start with the writing, let’s take the idea and start simplifying and summarizing it. It’s simply a matter of throwing loose phrases around until we can spin the story. We have to get to the heart of the matter; to the precise moment when the events occur and start from there.

How do we put the reader in a place without first describing it?    Short stories are not novels. You don’t have to create a world based on descriptions to place characters to whom things happen. The story, on the other hand, should not pay too much attention to descriptions of places. It is necessary to be able to express in a few words where the action takes place and let the reader’s imagination fill in the gaps.

Nor should emotions or mental ramblings be described in detail. It is about synthesizing what we want to evoke in a few words and descriptions should be part of a subtext, letting the environment be glimpsed but without dwelling on it. The best advice when writing is to avoid adjectives as much as possible.

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Examples of stories for children

This type of story is found in all literary manifestations such as legends, fables, tales, novels, epics, etcetera. And it is usually represented through writing. The story builds characters, events, times and spaces, and develops from one, or several, narrative voices.

It consists of helping the preservation of memory, or even creating it if there was no knowledge of it. And it is worth mentioning, the story that is obtained at the end will be permeated by the context of the speaker.

Examples of short stories

I want to start this section by explaining the differences between a short story and a short story, which is starting the house from the beginning and not from the roof. Haven’t you ever wondered if they are the same? I have, and after a lot of reading I have drawn my own conclusions.

In this short story section, I will write about short stories, short stories and micro-stories. How to write them, tips, tricks, advice, writing exercises and the most common mistakes I myself have made on many occasions.

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But before you start writing you have to be clear about what is a story and what is a short story. We are not academics bound by the rules of other centuries, so once you read this article, draw your own conclusions, because I don’t think that nowadays the difference is very clear between the two concepts.

If we go to the dictionary, the RAE defines stories as narratives or tales. It can be a novel, a short story, a short novel, an article, an adventure book… In short, anything that is told.

What is a short story
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