How to play harmonica

How to play harmonica

harmonica instrument

When learning to play an instrument, the same happens as when learning to drive, we must repeat good habits and try to eradicate incorrect postures or gestures so that muscle memory plays in our favor.

As we know, the harmonica is a perfect instrument to elaborate beautiful melodies. The best of all is that you do not need a very advanced level to be able to combine a few simple and clear notes in the right tone.

What is necessary, however, is to know the embouchure resources used in harmonica, that is to say, the way in which we make the blocks in the embouchure. We can find from simpler techniques suitable for beginners such as lip blocking, to more advanced ones such as classic tongue blocking or tube embouchure, or combined, such as mixed embouchure.

Achieving maximum musical expressiveness with the harmonica, interpreting a complex melody or even improvising excellently is not easy. There is a long way to go, patience and a lot of motivation to achieve it. Fortunately, if you are just starting out, we are going to give you a series of easy but very important recommendations to get you started in this wonderful harmonic world.

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In this post I explain you my harmonica tablature system with examples to start playing with your Blues harmonica in C and I present you my book, you can play already a lot of songs without any knowledge of music theory!

We’ve got discounts on harmonicas and accessories for this Black Friday that are already available in our online store, here we explain them in detail so you don’t miss this opportunity!

Vocalizations are used for example, if we want to make a train with harmonica in 2nd position, blowing and aspirating the first three cells, it will sound much better if we say ta-ca when aspirating and tu-cu when blowing. We can also say tua-ta-tua when bending and similar things.

With this system I have created my first tablature book with 20 famous songs for Blues harmonica in C. It is an interactive book in pdf format with 20 of my favorite harmonica songs in different styles: Folk, Country, Rock, Irish, Pop… Ideal for beginners, if you know how to play simple songs or if you are doing Level 1 of the harmonica course, since I explain how to play this way in the first two classes. Also for all kind of harmonica players who want to expand their repertoire.

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diatonic harmonica in c

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diatonic harmonica

Diatonic harmonicas are also known as blues harmonicas, and are tuned in a specific key. Most transcriptions found on the net are in the key of C major, so it might be a good idea to buy one of these for our first contact. In diatonic, some notes are played by blowing and others by sucking.

Among the diatonic models, the classic is the Hohner Marine Band 1896. But there are also models such as the Hohner Special 20, which can be more comfortable, and also the Hohner Rocket, whose construction is more modern, combining other types of materials.

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It is of vital importance that we know how to keep the tempo when playing the songs, especially when we are starting, as it will help us to internalize this mechanism. If it is the first time that we are playing an instrument, then the most advisable thing to do is to get a metronome.

As with any instrument, you should start with simple exercises and do not want to rush. Hence the importance of using a metronome. It will help you to establish a slow tempo, to be able to increase it as you become more skilled.

How to play harmonica
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