How to introduce yourself

How to introduce yourself

How to introduce yourself to a person

Taking the time to plan a proper and confident personal introduction can help you impress management, warm up to new colleagues and form lasting friendships. Here’s how to introduce yourself at a new job and some additional steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition.

The night before your first day, take a minute to think about how you would like to appear and how this will affect how you present yourself to your new colleagues. Take a cue from the environment in which you will be making your transition. Are they more relaxed or formal?

Whenever possible, it is best to meet each colleague one-on-one. This eliminates any future misunderstandings and gives you the opportunity to repeatedly practice your presentation to a new team.

You’ll have plenty of time to remember on your first day without having to worry about people’s names as well. If someone’s name escapes your memory, don’t be afraid to ask again.

How to present yourself as a new boss

What you do with your body prompts an attitude. Your body posture not only changes the perspective others have of you, but, immediately, it changes your body chemistry and, therefore, the way you feel and the things you do.

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A recent study has shown that by adopting a power stance for as little as two minutes, we increase our body’s testosterone levels – the male hormone, the one that incites risk and adventure – and decrease those of cortisol – the stress hormone.

If you know the place where you are going to make that presentation, visualize it and think about what you are going to do at that moment, what you are going to find or how you are going to feel in that space. You can go out in front, if you wish.

And your interlocutor – if you really make him or her listen to you – can retain two or three ideas in half an hour. So imagine what you can convey in a minute or two and the art you must employ in doing so.

Put on that outfit that makes you feel more confident, this is your day to conquer us and to make us think of you even if we have only seen you once, have fun, enjoy the people you have the opportunity to meet today.

How to present yourself

Personal presentation aims to sell ourselves as if we were a company or a product. It is key to highlight the best qualities we have and transmit them in an effective way. Answering the question «who are we? what do we do? or what do we like? can be quite complicated if we do not know how to approach the subject.

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First of all we have to be aware of the importance of the presentation, it has a purpose and therefore we must treat it in a professional manner. It is advisable to structure the content and order the ideas to convey the message clearly and concisely.

The first impression is always the one that lasts, therefore, our first impression must be memorable, attractive and professional. With a quality presentation we will be able to effectively explain who we are.

Everyone has a lot to say about themselves, but we need to be brief. Personal presentations are characterized by being short and concise. You can follow the tips in this article to structure a presentation in a few minutes: «How to make a short presentation».

Introducing yourself in spanish pdf

For an oral presentation or an informal meeting in a café, our advice is always the same: don’t launch into a long and complex presentation. Keep it simple and focus on the essentials. It is always preferable to use easy terms that will make you understand each other better. Moreover, when your interlocutor hears you speak in this way, he or she will also use the same type of vocabulary. This will greatly facilitate your presentation and speech.

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The vocabulary list below will allow you to talk about who you are, how old you are, where you come from, what you do… these are simple and widely used words. To succeed whenever you have to present yourself in English, all you have to do is learn the expressions by heart. Knowing them will help you to defend yourself better and to be more spontaneous in meetings with people you have never met before.

To do this, you can, for example, record them on MosaLingua flashcards to learn them with the method of repetition by spaces. That said, you should know that many of these words and expressions are already available in our English learning application.

How to introduce yourself
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