Watch Klay Thompson’s hilarious Anta commercial featuring dog Rocco

Drew Shiller | NBC SPORTS

In late June 2017, Klay Thompson reportedly signed a new contract with Anta that could pay him up to $80 million over 10 years.

It appears the three-time NBA champion recently filmed a new commercial for the Chinese company. And yes, Klay’s English bulldog Rocco is a key component.


Will this ad air exclusively in China? Or will it be coming to a TV screen near you in the United States?

No clue.

But we do know that it’s an awesome commercial and very on-brand.

Plain and simple, the world needs more Klay Thompsons.

Klay Thompson, Rocco soak up attention in dog-themed shoe promotion

Jessica Kleinschmidt | NBC SPORTS

There are very few things better than Klay Thompson. When you throw puppies and shoes into the mix, even fewer things reign supreme. But that’s exactly what we got Sunday. 

Thompson recently dropped his latest Rocco-themed signature shoe, the Anta KT5 Rocco. Rocco, his beloved bulldog, was shown off all across the shoe and the five-time All-Star made an appearance at the Warriors Shop at Chase Center to promote them.

The best part? Fans brought their dogs to celebrate, all while Rocco took in the attention.

“Spoiled-a– dog,” Thompson said.

And he was. Rocco was soaking up every ounce of it.

So were the other pups who appeared to be enjoying the event as well.

Rocco is one of the loves of Klay’s life, so putting his face, along with some dog bones on the kicks, wasn’t too much of a surprise. 

The two just recently starred in an ad to promote the shoe in China.

Definitely a spoiled dog. 

Thompson more than likely has become closer to his BFF Rocco while rehabbing a torn left ACL, which will have Klay out for the remainder of the season.