Weeks before Morey controversy, Steve Kerr retweeted tweet about ‘Hong Kong rising’

Blake Schuster | Yahoo Sports

The Golden State Warriors head coach has been particularly conscious of his words following Houston general manager Daryl Morey’s since-deleted tweet supporting Hong Kong protesters kicked off an international controversy between the NBA and its partners in China.

Without delay, China began suspending ties with the Rockets as the NBA tripped over itself trying to satisfy its foreign partners, domestic fans and revenue-hungry stakeholders.

As one such stakeholder, it makes sense Kerr would be careful with his public statements, telling reporters he didn’t “feel versed enough to comment” when asked for his opinion on tensions between Hong Kong and China.

That may very well be the case. But a quick scroll through the coach’s Twitter account shows a retweet from Kerr that offered support for Hong Kong’s protest among other authoritarian concerns.

Steve Kerr retweets tweet supporting Hong Kong protests (screenshot via Twitter)

Kerr’s retweet of a tweet sent by political commenter Ben Rhodes on September 17 — just a few weeks before Morey’s Hong Kong tweet — was resurfaced in a Reddit post on Friday. It was still on Kerr’s Twitter feed as of Saturday afternoon.

Retweets, it’s worth remembering, are not always endorsements. And one can be against authoritarian regimes without knowing the particular details behind each confrontation between governments and protesters. Still, it’s notable given how the NBA has reacted to Morey’s tweet that Kerr has similar content on his page.

Whereas Morey is facing threats to his job and backlash abroad for his post, Kerr’s retweet has gone relatively unnoticed. As the controversy engulfed the league and drew criticism from politicians on both sides of the aisle, the Warriors’ coach kept quiet — and was then ridiculed for it.

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That extended the story another day and led to Kerr responding directly to the president’s tweet Thursday during a media availability, where the Golden State coach said he would continue speaking out about issues that were “near to his heart”.

Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis both already out with injuries from China preseason games

Kyrie Irving out of second China game with injury


Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving will not play in the team’s second game in China against the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday after he aggravated a facial fracture Thursday, the team announced.

Irving played just one minute of the Nets’ 114-111 win. He left the game after the Lakers’ Rajon Rondo inadvertently hit him in the face while shielding the ball.

Irving suffered the facial fracture Sept. 24 when he was elbowed in the face during a pickup game. He was wearing a mask for Thursday’s game in Shanghai.

After being hit by Rondo, Irving immediately took off his mask, winced and signaled to the bench that he was coming off the floor.

Lakers’ Anthony Davis suffers sprained thumb vs. Nets


SHENZHEN, China — Anthony Davis sprained his right thumb in the first half of the Los Angeles Lakers‘ preseason game against the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday and did not return to the game.

Davis will receive diagnostic tests when the team returns to Los Angeles on Sunday.

He suffered the injury swatting at the ball midway through the first quarter. He started at center as the Lakers employed a small-ball lineup, surrounding him with LeBron JamesRajon RondoAvery Bradley and Danny Green.

Davis initially stayed in the game, getting the thumb taped during a break in the action, but then retreated to the locker room between the first and second quarters, and an ice pack was taped to his right hand.

He finished with six points on 2-for-7 shooting, three rebounds, two blocks and a steal in 12 minutes. Both of his baskets came off assists by James.

In two preseason games, Davis was averaging 19 points on 50% shooting, six rebounds, 3.5 assists and a block in 22 minutes per game.

The Lakers will fly back to the United States after Saturday’s game. Their next preseason game is Monday against the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center.

Steve Kerr says being called out by President Trump was ‘surreal’

‘I was the shiny object yesterday’

Nick Friedell | ESPN

SAN FRANCISCO — A day after being called out by name by President Donald Trump in the wake of the NBA’s ongoing situation in China, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr described his own situation as “surreal” while pushing back against the president’s comments.

“It was really surprising,” Kerr said prior to Thursday’s preseason game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. “But mainly just because it was me. Then you stop and you think, this is just every day. This is just another day. I was the shiny object yesterday. There was another one today; there will be a new one tomorrow. And the circus will go on. It’s just strange, but it happened.”

Kerr drew Trump’s ire in a Wednesday news conference after Kerr, a frequent critic of the president, initially declined to comment on the NBA’s handling of the ongoing backlash surrounding Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s tweet supporting anti-government protesters in Hong Kong. Kerr, who has been outspoken on many social issues he feels passionately about over the years, said he wanted to learn more about the situation before fully commenting. After watching the video, Trump said Kerr looked like “a scared little boy,” something Kerr made reference to in his initial remarks Thursday.

“If we had been thinking earlier I was going to ride in on a tricycle,” Kerr said. “With one of those beanies with the propeller — because he called me a little boy.”

Kerr found out about Trump’s remarks on Wednesday just minutes after conducting his daily news conference with the media. As he tried to process the ramifications of being called out publicly by the president, Kerr said he thought back to how he felt the office of president has changed over the years.

“I was thinking about my various visits to the White House,” Kerr said. “I’ve lived a privileged life and met, I think, the past five previous presidents prior to President Trump. The first one was in 1984, and Ronald Reagan was president. He invited my mom and me, six months after my dad [Malcolm] was killed in a terrorist attack. President Reagan and Vice President [George H.W.] Bush invited us into the Oval Office, spent about half an hour with us thanking us for my dad’s service — he was in education. Thanking us for my dad’s commitment to American values in the Middle East. Trying to promote peace in the Middle East. And all I could think of last night was the contrast of what has happened in 35 years. There was no regard for whose side you were on politically. Political party, anything like that. It was just, you were an American. The office held such dignity and respect. Both from the people who were visiting and especially the people who sat inside it. It’s just sad it’s come crashing down. That we are now living this.

“I realize the horse was out of the barn a long time on this. But for me personally, this was my experience with, wow, has the office sunken low. My hope is that we can find a mature unifier from either party to sit in that chair and try to restore some dignity to the Oval Office again, and I think it will happen.”

Kerr said the backlash the league has received in China and the criticism he has received from Trump will not stop him from continuing to speak out on issues he believes in.

“Generally, my feeling is the things that I’m going to comment on are the things that I feel comfortable speaking about, things I feel well versed about,” he said. “I comment a lot about gun safety. It’s a cause that’s very near and dear to my heart. It’s very crucial for our country for our future. We face mass shootings literally every day. So I’m involved with four or five different gun safety groups. It’s my pet cause. So I’m going to comment on it. It’s my right. That’s why I love being an American and love my country. I’m able to channel my energy and my resources to places where I want it to go. I feel really comfortable with that. There are places where I don’t feel as comfortable. This would be one of them.”

Kerr said he understood why some people are upset with the fact that he and some of his players have decided not to take a particular stand on what’s going on in China after taking stands on various other issues, reiterating that he doesn’t feel he has enough knowledge on the subject to speak on it yet.

“The same people who are asking me to stick to sports are also asking me to expand my horizons,” Kerr said. “I guess that’s what I’m hearing. Again, I will speak on the things I’m comfortable with. I will do things I believe are helpful for my country. I love my country, despite what President Trump said yesterday. I work really, really hard on a lot of things off the floor. One of those things is I don’t want people to feel what my family felt when my father was killed. I know what it feels like to have a family member ended by a bullet. So that’s a passionate, passionate subject for me. So I research it, I’m involved with various organizations, I’m constantly meeting with people, fundraising. It’s part of my life.

“As far as North Korea, I don’t know much about North Korea. As far as the Ukraine situation, I don’t know much about the Ukraine situation. We could just go around the world and maybe I can pinpoint a couple others I’m comfortable about, but this whole thing is so ridiculous. Again, we’re fortunate in this country to have free speech. I exercise that. But part of having free speech is also electing not to speak if you don’t feel comfortable about something.”

Kerr declined comment when asked whether he felt Morey should be fired for sending out the initial tweet.

“I choose not to be a soundbite tonight,” Kerr said. “Probably too late for that tonight. I choose not to be that soundbite.”

Kerr was asked if during his various trips to China, the disconnect between the Warriors’ interests in China and the country’s human rights record has ever come up.

“It has not come up in terms of people asking about it, people discussing it,” Kerr said. “Nor has our record of human rights abuses come up, either. Things that our country needs to look at and resolve. That hasn’t come up either. None of us are perfect. We all have different issues we have to get to. Saying that is my right as an American. It doesn’t mean that I hate my country. It means I want to address the issue. But people in China didn’t ask me about, you know, people owning AR-15s and mowing each other down in a mall. I wasn’t asked that question.

“We can play this game all we want and go all over the map. There’s this issue and that issue. The world is a complex place, and there’s more gray than black and white. I realize that what’s popular these days is making it black and white. You’re either good or you’re evil. It’s convenient to do things that way, but not realistic.”

🔥Curry puts on early season ‘MVP mode’ show – drops 40 points in 25 minutes🔥

Stephen Curry scores 40 points in 25 minutes in Warriors’ preseason win

Nick Friedell | ESPN

SAN FRANCISCO — Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry scored 40 points in 25 minutes in Thursday night’s 143-123 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Curry’s dazzling offensive performance offered fans both a reminder of the former MVP’s talent and a glimpse at just how dominant he could be on certain nights as the Warriors go through a transition season without Kevin Durant and, for most of the season, Klay Thompson, who continues rehabbing a torn left ACL.

“Hopefully it looks like that every night,” Curry said after shooting 14-for-19 from the field. “But like I said coming into camp, I have the same mentality every time I set foot on the floor. It doesn’t mean I’m shooting every possession, but I’m trying to make plays and do what I’m comfortable doing and that’s just playing my style of basketball and being aggressive and confident. Hopefully that vibe is contagious. I don’t know what it will look like every night, but I’m going to play that exact same way and just try to do what I do.”

Curry noted that Warriors coach Steve Kerr hasn’t told him he’s going to have to do even more this season as the team retools, but Kerr knows that whatever Golden State’s new identity becomes will be formed around Curry.

“He’s going to have a large offensive burden all year,” Kerr said. “Just the nature of the roster and what we’ve lost from a scoring standpoint and a playmaking standpoint. So he’s not going to play like this every night, we know that, so we got to really work to develop our identity and our efficiency and keep working with these young guys. Tonight was a good step in that direction.”