Police issue arrest warrant for Boogie

Police issue arrest warrant for DeMarcus Cousins on domestic violence charge

Ben Rohrbach | Yahoo Sports

Alabama police have issued an arrest warrant for DeMarcus Cousins following reports that the Los Angeles Lakers center allegedly threatened his ex-girlfriend with violence.

The Mobile Police Department confirmed to USA Today on Thursday that Cousins has been charged with third-degree harassing communications, a domestic violence misdemeanor carrying a maximum jail sentence of one year if convicted.

Christy West filed a police report on Friday alleging that Cousins threatened her life if she did not allow their 7-year-old son to attend his wedding this past weekend. TMZ Sports obtained audio of the alleged threat, which West provided to police.

The alleged telephone exchange:

Cousins: “I’m gonna ask you this one more time before I take it to another level: Can I have my son here?”

West: “Go shoot the ball.”

Cousins: “Can I have my son here, please?”

West: “No, he’s not coming.”

Cousins: “I’m gonna make sure I put a bullet through your f—ing head.”

West confirmed to USA Today that she signed the arrest warrant.

Cousins married Morgan Lang on Saturday.

Both the Lakers and the NBA acknowledged the alleged incident and reserved comment pending investigations into the matter.

Cousins avoided a misdemeanor charge following an alleged nightclub brawl involving then-Sacramento Kings teammate Matt Barnes in 2017. He and Barnes were sued in relation to the incident when one victim alleged Cousins punched him.

Cousins signed a one-year contract with the Lakers this summer. He tore his ACL during a workout this month and is expected to miss the entire 2019-20 season.