HEADS UP NBA! Stephen Curry’s big secret to breaking out of his shooting slump: CONTACT LENSES!

Lol… Be afraid! VERY afraid! …

Chris Cwik | Yahoo Sports

For a few games following the All-Star break, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry looked mortal. The 31-year-old Curry shot just 36.6 percent from three-point land. For some players, that’s acceptable. For Curry, it’s a major slump.

Those struggles didn’t last too long. On March 16, Curry drained five of his 12 shots from three-point range. Over the next eight games, he has hit at least five three-pointers per game.

How did he turn things around? It wasn’t a mechanic change or a fatigue issue. Curry simply got contacts, according to Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic.

“I started wearing contacts,” Curry said late Tuesday, pulling his white “Ten in the Town” hat down on his head, creating an awning for his beaming eyes. “No, I’m serious.”

Yes, the best shooter in the NBA has been playing with less than stellar eyesight. Curry — who has an eye condition called Keratoconus — said he’s been dealing with the poor eyesight for a long time, but didn’t realize it had gotten so bad.

Now that he can see, Curry told Thompson, “It’s like the whole world has opened up.”

That should be a terrifying statement for anyone tasked with guarding Curry moving forward.

Over his career, Curry has been one of the most efficient three-point shooters in the game. He’s ranked outside the top-10 in three-point percentage just once in his 10-year career.

Over his last nine games, Curry has hit 48.7 percent of his three-point attempts, according to Thompson. If he can keep that up, Curry’s coach — Steve Kerr — might have to start sweating about Curry passing Kerr’s 45.4 percent career three-point percentage.


Steph Curry got his eyes fixed, but the timing of this news shows his genius


This week Stephen Curry revealed, through a profile in The Athletic written by Marcus Thompson II, that his eyesight has been deteriorating through much of his pro career, and he finally had the issue addressed recently by getting contact lenses.

The greatest shooter of all time says that, for much of his pro career, he couldn’t see. His shooting since he got the corrective lenses? In his first nine games back, Curry attempted 109 3-pointers, making 56 of them. He’s shooting 51.4 percent from deep while attempting over ten 3-pointers a game.

It’s befuddling. It’s flabbergasting. The rest of the league can only throw its hands up – Curry became the greatest shooter ever with deteriorating eyesight. What are the other teams supposed to do now that he can see properly?

For me, though, what’s so interesting about Curry’s revelation is the timing of it. And while I’m sure Curry will continue to be excellent at shooting a basketball, his decision to reveal this publicly before the playoffs tells me a lot more about the type of competitor he is, and what type of leader he is.

Think of it this way: Curry’s eyesight has been deteriorating for years, and we never heard a peep about it. Curry got his vision fixed a month ago. His shooting immediately improved. Yet still, nothing in the press.

Then, a few weeks before the end of the season, Curry confides in a reporter that he got his vision fixed, and he’s never shot the ball better. The story comes out one week before the playoffs are set to begin.

For a Warriors team that is looking for motivation after multiple consecutive pushes to the NBA Finals, isn’t this the perfect narrative they need, not only for themselves, but to send to the rest of the league?

No longer are we talking about the Warriors’ constant bickering with the refs. No longer is the story that Kevin Durant has all but one foot out the door on his way to joining the Knicks. No longer are we talking about Draymond Green’s grating personality, or if Boogie Cousins can stay on the floor for the Warriors during crunch time in the playoffs.

Instead the narrative has flipped, and the Warriors seem indestructible again: Stephen Curry finally got his eyesight, and he might never miss again. For a team that was showing cracks, one story about some contact lenses has immediately restored their mystique.

Did Curry plan all this? Who knows. Maybe he was just giddy about his new clear vision and wanted to share it with someone. Curry is smart, though, and knows how this press thing works. I don’t think it was an accident this news came out when it did.

NBA Finals pushes are hard. They’re exhausting. The Warriors have made them for years now, and for a team looking for a spark heading back into another grind, Curry’s vision story might be just that.

Source: https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/04/stephen-curry-contact-lenses-vision-warriors-playoffs